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For foreign patients

Patients from other countries are often coming to our clinic for treatment. This applies not only to countries where there are problems with the quality of medical services, but also to developed countries such as the USA, England, Arab countries.

The reason for this is the unique technological plateau and software, affordable prices, and the speed of implementation of diagnostics and treatment.

Dr. Troussier also conducts online consultations, provides a second opinion service

Oxana Romanova

To receive an estimate price, it is necessary to send medical tests and documents that the patient has, the dossier can be sent in English or Russian.

Conditions for admitting you or your relative to the clinic is the patient transportability. We often have to refuse treatment to patients who are in poor health. Do not run the situation until the situation is irreversible.

To enroll in the clinic, you must pay 30 percent of the invoice, and patients who will apply for a visa will have to pay the full cost to receive a payment confirmation document, which will need to be presented at the embassy. If a visa is denied, then the amount is refunded in part, taking into account the reason for the refusal, if the patient, on his own initiative, changes his mind about going for treatment, then the deposit amount is not returned.

The invoice may change in accordance with the general condition of the patient or after additional tests on the spot. Any change in cost is due to the patient.

We arrange treatment as quickly as possible and intervene in the visa process to speed up the process. All documents and translations are handled by my personal assistant, Oxana Romanova.

You can contact her by email or whatsapp:
+33 6 33 16 80 40,,

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