MD Oncologist Idriss Troussier - Efficient cancer treatment

Approach to oncology treatment

My philosophy

I believe that in order to treat cancer the best way, it is necessary to conduct a good diagnostic examination, to start treatment quickly (without delay) and to have access to the latest medical advances.

Finding out that you have cancer is a difficult life situation. Support must be solid and tailored to each individual. Trust should be the foundation of the doctor-patient relationship.

Symptom treatment (pain, psychological support, etc.) should be started from the beginning without delay to help and alleviate the patient’s condition as much as possible and improve his quality of life.

The patient is usually examined by various specialists for diagnostic examination and assessment of the stage and type of cancer. The assessment must be effective, comprehensive, and carried out quickly in order to provide multidisciplinary advice with a variety of specialists (organ specialists, radiologist, nuclear physician, surgeon) and assess the patient’s general condition. This is a prerequisite for choosing a treatment for EVERY patient.

Afterwards, the medical file is discussed between different medical professionals (multidisciplinary consultation meeting), and thus an individualized treatment plan (surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, etc.) is proposed, adapted and unique for each patient.

The proposed treatment methods should be based on the latest European and international recommendations and advances in medical research.

The goal is to provide patients with the best possible treatment plan so that they have the highest chances of remission.

The aim of radiotherapy is to provide patients with the latest technologies that exist (artificial intelligence, tumor targeting with respect to respiration, VERSA HD stereotactic radiation therapy, that is, with maximum precision). Our center (High Energy Center in Nice) was one of the first to establish artificial intelligence in the treatment of radiation therapy.

Each person is unique and has a specific stage and type of cancer that needs to be diagnosed early. Treatment should be tailored to each situation (individual medicine), applied promptly, and based on the latest advances in medical research.


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