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Stereotactic radiotherapy treatment and Artificial Intelligence

radiotherapy and AI

5 things to know about stereotactic radiotherapy treatment

What you should know about artificial intelligence radiotherapy

AI software used databases of contours made by radiation therapists to target cancers and avoid neighboring organs.

Artificial intelligence is developing all over the world and naturally invests in the world of medicine. Artificial intelligence is a set of machines that imitate human intelligence, with the aim of limiting errors as much as possible. AI learns thanks to the data provided to them by researchers and specialists.

From this learning, in the case of radiotherapy, as soon as a new patient is scanned, the AI works on the images and allows the creation of the structures of the organs necessary to prepare the treatments of the patients.

The radiation therapist doctor saves time by not creating his own structures because these structures are made by AI. He checks them, modifies them if necessary, and only has to work on the tumors targeted for the treatments.

AI allows for greater consistency in the practices of each doctor.

Artificial intelligence is now used by multiple centers in France and helps cancer radiation therapists on a daily basis. AI does not replace clinical common sense and the knowledge that doctors may have about the areas to be treated in their patients. But it will undoubtedly be of great help when this technology will be accessible to all!


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