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About the doctor

I am convinced that accurate and comprehensive diagnostics are essential for effective cancer treatment. Diagnostics should be carried right away in order to start the treatment as quickly as possible. Successful cancer treatment consists of three main points: high-quality and timely diagnosis, competent medical staff and, of course, the latest technologies in the field of treatment, which include the latest generation of equipment and drugs.

Cancer treatment should be based on an individual approach since the situation of each patient is unique. This uniqueness lies not only in the patient’s medical situation, but also in the life personal situation. The moral aspect in the treatment of oncology plays a very important role. That is why the doctor must be humane and understanding to create a trusting relationship with the patient.
Supportive therapy to improve the quality of life of patients is also an integral part of a quality approach to cancer treatment. Supportive therapy includes psychological support, pain management, and treatment side effects.

For patients

Patient tips
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Reduce meat consumption
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat ORGANIC foods
  • Undergo regular diagnostic
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